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Interview with Chicago Bulls digital content manager Luka Dukich

Ivan Kwan of Sports Jobs 101 talked to the Bulls digital content manager about some of the details about his job.

Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

Although the Bulls season is over, it doesn't mean that the work ends for Chicago. That includes their social media team, who does a good job providing content for the team, especially on game days.

In an interview with Sports Jobs 101, a podcast that focuses on sports media jobs (not surprising given the name), digital content manager Luka Dukich explains his role with the team and how they try and create content throughout the season and throughout the offseason.

In the interview you learn about who manages the social media accounts during the game (Dukich runs the Twitter account), and how they started using Vine more often as a digital platform.

It's a really unique interview and Dukich gives some good advice to young people in the media business and talks about how the industry is changing day by day.

You can listen to the podcast right here, although the audio quality is a little spotty.