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Jimmy Butler talks leadership and his desire to stay with the Bulls

Jimmy Butler sat down with ESPN Chicago's Nick Friedell prior to Tuesday night's draft lottery.

In an effort to showcase their love for Jimmy Butler, the Chicago Bulls sent the two-time All Star to New York City for the NBA Draft Lottery Tuesday night. And unsurprisingly, with only a 0.5% chance at the top pick, the draft lottery unfolded in the exact order for the first time in league history, as the Bulls claimed the 14th pick. While in New York, Butler sat down with ESPN Chicago's Nick Friedell to answer a wide-range of questions.

The first question Friedell posed to Butler was his thoughts on being sent as the team's representative to the draft lottery and if it meant showing good-faith towards him:

"Some people may look at it as that. I can't say that I do or that I don't. I feel like there's another question that you're wanting to ask me within that question, so I figure I'll answer that whenever you ask it because I know that it's coming"

This was essentially Butler moving forward to the inevitable question from Friedell about Jimmy's future with the organization. Friedell finally got to the point by asking Butler if he thought he'd be apart of the Bulls once training camp starts in the fall:

"Yeah, I think so. I definitely do. I do think that with the year that we did have last season -- it's unacceptable. So you have to then, truth be told, you got to look at everything. I didn't do my job, so truth be told, can I help this team win? That's the question that's brought up. And I can't be mad at that. You can use whatever you want to use, but we didn't make the playoffs. That's all anybody sees and that rightfully so. So do I think I'm going to be here? Yeah, I think so. But that's just me thinking."

Through his interview, it seems pretty clear that Butler understands the comments that Gar Forman made regarding his future with the team moving forward, even though he may not have approved of them.

An interesting quote from Butler came when Friedell poked him about what he learned this past year, specifically in regards to the leadership aspect, he responded by saying:

"I think what I learned as a whole is that talk is cheap and learn to keep your mouth closed. I think that's a lesson I've had to apply in life the hard way at times. Just because maybe I do talk too much. That's on the basketball aspect of it, the leadership aspect of it, all aspects of it. Just be quiet, just do what you're supposed to do."

Feel as though someone got through to Jimmy about his "leadering" this past season, and it will be more intriguing to see how he conducts himself next season and beyond in that role.

Throughout the piece, Nick and Jimmy hit on a number of topics, including if Butler has changed as a person since his contract and rise to stardom, and of course whether or not he and Derrick Rose can co-exist and the upcoming USA basketball tryouts.

You can read through the entire piece here. What you do you make of Butler's comments?