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NBA Draft Lottery: Bulls slotted to pick 14th in the 2016 NBA Draft

To nobody's surprise, the Bulls now officially will select 14th in the NBA Draft.

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

The draft lottery was held tonight, and the Bulls were selected to pick 14th in this year's upcoming draft.

This comes as no surprise granted that the Bulls had a 1.8% to get into the top 3 and a 0.5% chance to get a number one overall pick. Those odds were lower than 2008 when the Bulls miraculously got the first pick, where they had a 1.7% chance. That pick turned into Derrick Rose and we all know the rest of the story.

It's not secret that Bulls are looking to draft a point guard. Chicago has been linked to the likes of Kris Dunn, Demetrius Jackson, and even Tyler Ulis. Out of all three, Dunn looks the most NBA ready but the problem is that he is likely to get off the board before the Bulls can even pick. This leaves an interesting scenario for Chicago as they would certainly have to trade up to get Dunn but at what price? Chicago traded up for Doug McDermott two years ago in the draft but this year it's different. Chicago doesn't have two draft picks like last year (thanks to the Kings finishing in the bottom ten teams in the league). So what would Chicago have to give up to trade up and is it even worth it?

If the Bulls choose not to go the PG route, here are some other players that Ricky O'Donnell suggested the Bulls should take a look at.

Here are the official results of the 2016 NBA Draft lottery :

1. Sixers

2. Lakers

3. Celtics (via Nets)

4. Suns

5. Timberwolves

6. Pelicans

7. Nuggets (via Knicks)

8. Kings

9. Raptors (via Nuggets)

10. Bucks

11. Magic

12.  Jazz

13. Suns (via Wizards)

14. Bulls

You'll note the Kings did not hit that miniscule chance of getting pushed down to #11, so they keep their pick for another year. If it is not conveyed to the Bulls next summer (top-10 protected again) it will become 2 second-round picks.