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Bulls to send Jimmy Butler to the lottery, alleviating all trade concerns

Doug Pensinger/Getty Images


It might be time to hold off on those Jimmy Butler trade rumors.

In a sign of commitment not present at management's season-ending postmortem, the Bulls have asked their two-time All-Star to represent the franchise on the dais at the May 17 NBA draft lottery, sources said.

That's KC with the 'sign of commitment'. I mean, I suppose. There was mention of an earlier report where Butler is peeved at Gar Forman....but, honestly: who isn't? Gar seems like like the least personable boss one could ask for.

The hoped reason a Butler trade is unlikely is because it's a bad idea, but the actual reason is that it's an aggressive idea. Bulls don't do that. They like to build through the draft, you see, though you'd think trading Butler for multiple draft picks would mean that, but it also means tens of decisions. That's a lot of work.

The Bulls have less than a 2% chance to move up to the top three picks on May 17th, so Butler will have to bring some of that Steve "Stan" Schanwald magic.

Given the National TV outlet, we'll be on watch for this too.


This also serves as a fun reminder that the Bulls are a friggin' lottery team.