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Strange but true: Bulls not yet mathematically eliminated from playoffs

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The Bulls somehow won. Cool, I guess?

Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

Good news for those who still care about the Bulls getting in the playoffs! In the immortal words of Lloyd Christmas, I am telling you that there is, in fact, a chance.

However, at this point, I'm pretty sure that the only people that still care about the Bulls making the playoffs for the eighth consecutive year are people employed by the Bulls. Well, and A-list free agents, because we all know that making the playoffs every year means all the best free agents want to sign with you.

I mean, I'm not even sure what to say about this win, honestly. Yay? I wrote this recap thinking that the Bulls would lose and had some lengthy, rambling season-ending thoughts. Guess I'll save those for another day (probably tomorrow) and try to pretend like I care about the Bulls winning this game.

Look, there's always some satisfaction in beating LeBron and the Cavs. Plus, it's legitimately hilarious that Cleveland will be paying Tristan Thompson enormous sums of money for the next four seasons while they employ two other people -- LeBron and Kevin Love -- at the same freaking position. The Cavs are full of drama which puts Chicago's passive aggressive techniques to shame.

Well, that last part might not be totally true cause I don't think Ty Lue kinda-sorta called out LeBron in the media -- yet, anyways. Fred Hoiberg did it to Jimmy Butler, though! It was weird. It was very Bullsy.

Maybe it rallied the troops? Who knows. The Bulls certainly did play some inspired basketball despite coach Hoiberg digging deep into his bag of tricks and playing some jedi mind tricks in the media in pre-game. Like, I just don't understand what Hoiberg set out to accomplish by referencing very controversial comments made by his star player almost four months ago. I'm not a public relations or marketing guy, but don't you generally want to avoid publicly discussing that time when your best player questioned your coaching ability?

Anyway, the Bulls won tonight and Cristiano Felicio was an absolute beast, and I'm not even kidding. Felicio did things many of us probably didn't think he was capable of. For example, he finished a pick-and-roll alley oop dunk in traffic and had multiple other dunks and finishes which displayed some very real athleticism. He also had a swat-from-behind on a Kyrie Irving layup, which was as unexpected as it was impressive. Felicio, along with the rest of the Bulls bench, were pretty much the reason the Bulls won tonight.

Cleveland also stopped making shots in the fourth quarter and outside of LeBron, nobody played all that well. I don't really want to give the Bulls that much credit, but if you do, then do you. I'm not really ready to start talking about how Justin Holiday and Cristiano Felicio are such nice finds, and how they'll be building blocks moving forward. I'm not about to talk about how there's still hope for this season yet. Like, it'd be a little different if the Bulls were in control of their own destiny.

What I'm ready for is a reset because making the playoffs will mean nothing more than lining the pockets of that Hall of Fame owner they've got.