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Pau Gasol doesn't sound like he wants the Bulls anymore anyway

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Andy Lyons/Getty Images

The Bulls gave up 66 points last night in the second half to the Miami Heat to lose again, and are very nearly mathematically eliminated from the playoffs. One can only hope that the Pacers win tonight and so we don't have to hear empty rhetoric from the Bulls regarding their next game against the Cavaliers.

Though somebody who usually speaks with a purporse, Pau Gasol, already knows what's up:

Chicago Bulls center Pau Gasol said he has not decided whether he will look to remain with the Bulls after this season ends.

"Nothing is set right now," Gasol said after the game. "Definitely, I will evaluate what I need to when the time comes. But the way the team has responded to adversity and the way we finished up the season has not been so far great, and it's been disappointing. So at the end of the day, when the time comes, I will evaluate things. It's hard to finish the season like this. It's not finished, but we're in a very, as we know, extremely difficult position, so everything will be thought of and considered."

Then Pau went on to criticize the team's defense, which isn't that notable as he does so after nearly every game it seems. Though saying "we've relied too much on our offense. We just haven't had the defensive mindset, nor emphasis on it, so we paid the price a lot of times." is pretty damning of Hoiberg, in my opinion.

Anyway, while I think as a fanbase we're kind of sick of Pau too, this is all pretty comedic given Gar Forman's defense of not trading Pau at the deadline, plus his enthusiasm over resigning him. Because, you see, the team's playoff streak makes it a desirable spot for free agents, including free agents that were already on your team but are just opting out of contracts for a bigger deal.

Even at the deadline, the Bulls thought this was a playoff team that could get back on track. It shouldn't be lost in how dramatic a decline this has been, just because it's taken seemingly forever to the point where it's numbing.

Naturally, the Bulls front office already started leaking out that they really don't want Pau back anyway. So this way it seems like their decision, and not that a HoF player doesn't want to be on a loser playing for incompetents in the final seasons of his career.