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Bulls lose, effectively ending postseason hopes

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The 2015-16 Bulls are pretty much done. Thank god.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

That's all she wrote, folks. Well, technically, if the Bulls win out and the Pacers lose out then the Bulls can still make the playoffs, but for all intents and purposes the 2015-16 Bulls are done. At this point they have a greater likelihood of winning the draft lottery than they do making the playoffs. So, yeah, it's pretty much over.

For whatever it's worth, the Bulls did actually put up a fight until the Heat finally pulled away for good late in the fourth quarter. But in the most fitting way imaginable, the Bulls lost tonight because they couldn't end possessions and were eaten alive on the glass. This one game was a glimpse of the Pau Gasol era in Chicago, really. It featured cozy stat lines, B+ effort and no stops when the team needed them.

Again, for whatever it's worth, Fred Hoiberg coached one of his better games of the season. He finally staggered Derrick Rose and Jimmy Butler within the second unit. And not only that, but Hoiberg went to 2-1 pick-and-rolls late in the game on offense, which is probably the best way to get Rose and Butler working in unison.

Ultimately, it wasn't enough. Miami got whatever they wanted the entire second half. After giving up 40 points total in the first half, the Bulls allowed 35 points in the third quarter, which sparked Miami en route to a 106-98 victory.

There's just not much more to say about the Bulls. There's been like three genuinely fun things about the Bulls all season. Everyone needs a reset, everyone needs this to come to an end. At this point, all there's left to root for is Indiana to win on Friday. That might sound callous, but if Indiana looses to Toronto on Friday then guess who the Bulls need to beat in order to keep their season alive -- yep, you already know, don't you?

Because the Bulls are the Bulls, it's destiny that they'll lose to LeBron on Saturday, which will then put an actual end to their season. Life ain't fair, man.