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Jimmy carries the Bulls again (and other Bulls/Bucks takeaways)

Jimmy had another big game but this time the Bulls won

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Despite all the weird things that Jimmy Butler keeps saying in the media, he has kept producing for the Chicago Bulls.

Butler had another big game for Chicago in their 102-98  win over the Milwaukee Bucks. He had 25 points, 8 assists, and five rebounds. He was clutch for Chicago tonight. What was most impressive was the fact that Butler shot 90.9% from the field (10-11) with many of them coming in the 4th quarter. When Chicago needed him the most, he stepped up.

Butler is at his best when he is going to the rim and when he attacks early. Sometimes he decides to dribble too much and allow the opponent to size him up on defense. Then he ends up taking a pull up jumper or passing the ball. Get the ball and drive to the basket, it's his bread and butter.

Butler takes the size advantage he has over the smaller Tyler Ennis for the dunk. He went quickly after posting up Ennis and drove into an empty lane which was vacated thanks to Nikola Mirotic going over for a screen which drew his defender along with. The screen wasn't used at all, but it did it's job in opening up the lane. Miles Plumlee was also late rotating over as well, making the dunk even easier for Jimmy Butler.

He again drove to the rim the very next time down the court and made an impressive right handed layup to stretch the lead to four. With the Bucks doubling off the Pau Gasol pick, Butler decided to use his speed this time and drive right past Plumlee for the layup. He didn't try to create a mismatch by forcing the Bucks to switch Plumlee on him, he just drove right past the big man who was actually in the right position on the pick and roll defense.

With the Bulls reeling, Jimmy Butler stepped up in crunch time with some timely buckets. He used his strengths on offense and didn't mess around with it came to scoring for Chicago. Another good game for Butler, who has put Chicago on his back, especially these past two games.

Two other takeaways

2. Bulls couldn't stop Giannis

The Greek Freak was on another level against Chicago as he scored a game high 34 points. He took advantage of really favorable matchups and just made Chicago pay each time on the defensive end. He was less effective in the 4th thanks to Jimmy Butler but he had his way with the Bulls for the first three quarters.

Giannis was guarded by Mike Dunleavy and Justin Holiday but used his height and freaky athleticism to get past either of them and take it right to the basket. At 6'11 with the ball handling skills of a point guard, Antetokounmpo is a very special player and will be a great player in the years to come. But the Bulls defenders had to a better job of keeping him from going off like that, especially Dunleavy considering he is going through a massive slump. MDJ is usually a solid defender but he hasn't been the same since he had that stomach virus. If there is any weakness to the Greek Freak's game, it's his jumpshot, which is unpolished and not the most consistent. Try and force him to make jump shots, that's your best hope. The Bulls didn't do that tonight.

3. Horrible three-point shooting game from both teams

Wow, this game was bad to watch when it came to the three-point shooting category. The Bulls shot 26.9% while the Bucks did a little bit better as they shot 28.6%. Not the greatest three point shooting night. Doug McDermott only got once three point attempt tonight (which he missed), while Mirotic and Dunleavy were the only Bulls to make more than two.

The Bucks aren't that much of a three-point shooting team to begin with, and the loss of Kris Middleton (who shoots 40% from three) hurt them tonight as well. They went 2 of 7 with Rashad Vaughn and Antetokounmpo being the only players to drain it from deep.