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Bulls reportedly showed major interest in acquiring Rudy Gay last year

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GarPax, do you even Hoiball?

Jennifer Stewart-USA TODAY Sports

Mike McGraw had sort of an overall synopsis of Bulls free agency this past weekend. In there, like a granola in your morning yogurt, was this nugget:

The Bulls tried hard to trade for Sacramento's Rudy Gay before and during last season as a third scorer to go with Rose and Butler, but couldn't pull it off. Do they have the resources to try again or will they move on?

Really? Rudy Gay?

I'm not going to pretend that we know 'Hoiball' is a real thing, let alone that the Bulls should force themselves to find players to fit a coach that may not be worth such deference.

But Rudy Gay seems antithetical to a high-paced, quick-decision, ball-movement offense. It'd be another high-usage ball stopper. I can't say I've seen much of Gay in his recent run in Sacramento, but though there's some move of him to a small-ball power forward, he lets up too much defensively and rebounding (and the Bulls have a big defensive rebounding issues as it is) to play there. Plus his 3-point shooting is merely just below average, so there's not some huge benefit as a stretch 4.

And then as a wing, as he enters his age-30 season he's lost some of his athleticism, plus the aforementioned issues with his usage.

This is possibly (likely) a nothing-rumor, but if true would perhaps bring some insight into GarPax in that they don't really know what they want. Gay is making over $13m next year and then has a ~$14m player option following that, so if the game plan is more to have his contract to facilitate a Derrick Rose deal to Sacramento (they'd be one of the franchises to go for such a thing, you'd think) then that makes a bit more sense. Adding him to Rose and Butler does not.