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Cristiano Felicio turned out to be a find

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The big man from Brazil was a bright spot in what was a horrible season for Chicago

Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

Although he was essentially an unknown at the beginning of the season, every Chicago Bulls fan knew Cristiano Felicio's name at the end of the season. He was so unnoticed when he first came to Chicago that Hoiberg had to ask the assistant GM Brian Hagen who Felicio even was when he first started practicing. But the big man stepped in nicely for Chicago when Fred Hoiberg chose to give him playing time in Chicago's final games.

Felicio averaged 9.6 points and 6.4 rebounds in the final five games for the Bulls, capped with a 16 point performance against the Cleveland Cavaliers. In what seemed like a desperation move by Hoiberg to give him minutes, Chicago could have found a solid backup center in Felicio.

Felicio gave Chicago something that Bobby Portis or Cameron Bairstow could not give. Defense. The offensive skill set might not be there for him, but he's given solid rim protection when he's on the floor. Michael Wonsover over at Today's Fastbreak also wrote about the big man's success when it comes to passing: "Felicio’s ability to set up his teammates is paramount considering he doesn’t excel at creating his own shots."

Wonsover broke down Felicio's success in greater detail and also told us how Felicio could help the Bulls in the future. I suggest you check out the article.

There's no "random signing that turned out to be good" award, but for a team that historically has struggled to use end of the roster spots to develop young talent the Bulls earned some credit for signing Felicio. Nobody thought he could contribute at the beginning of the season but he has given the Bulls something to work with.