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Bulls Season Ends, Finally.

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It's over, thank God.

Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

The Chicago Bulls brutally mediocre, lethargic, drama filled season finally came to an end Wednesday night. I'll be honest, kudos to anyone who actually sat through tonight's game, even more to those that actually took the time out of their night to attend in person. You the real MVP.

Chicago won tonight, defeating the Philadelphia Colangelo's 115-105 in an epically meaningless game. Down 24 at one point in the first half, a 24-1 run at the end of the second quarter and into the third turned things around, led by the dynamic duo of Nikola Mirotic and Justin Holiday who finished with a career high. Jimmy Butler did some good leadering tonight too, played 25 minutes for some reason, and got his second triple-double of his career. Cool.

Oh, and TONY SNELL THE +/- GOD, started tonight. In peak fashion, Snell finished with 13 points on 4-11 shooting and a team high +22! Way to end the season on a positive note, Tony.

If the Bulls would've lost tonight they would've gotten more ping-pong balls for the lottery that they're now bound for. Someone should've said something. But alas, they didn't, and now they're locked into the 14th spot with a 0.5% of winning the lottery. Crazier things have happened right?! Heh.

Chicago's miserable season ends with a 42-40 record, 9th in the East.

See ya'll next season. One Love.