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How close were Pau Gasol and Jimmy Butler to being traded?

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post-mortem season!

Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

The protracted nature of the Bulls playoff elimination means just more time to get out some juicy stories. Today was Vincent Goodwill of CSNChicago's turn.

There's a lot in there that we already had a good sense about, from Hoiberg's missteps to the Butler-Rose dynamic (Goodwill indicates there's a good chance Rose will join Jimmy for at least a short period of summer workouts). But some specific details of interest surround the trade deadline.

On a Butler trade (though it's phrased as 'along with Gasol and Rose', I assume those were separate discussions?):

They had preliminary discussions with the Orlando Magic and Boston Celtics, but when the Celtics wouldn't put promising forward Jae Crowder in their package of picks and players, there was no realistic possibility of a trade.

Butler also has a five percent trade kicker, according to league sources, where the Bulls would have to pay him an additional $2.6 million to leave, essentially.

And on Gasol to the Kings:

the Bulls were onboard for a deal with Sacramento at the deadline, according to league sources. It did involve Gasol, Tony Snell and Kirk Hinrich (later traded to Atlanta) for Kosta Koufos and Ben McLemore.

It's widely believed the Bulls pulled out of the trade but league sources say the Kings pulled out first when the Philadelphia 76ers, a team helping facilitate the deal, wanted a second-round pick from the Bulls and Kings.

The Kings balked at that prospect, along with the Bulls wanting them to lower the Top 10 protection of the 1st round draft pick the Kings owe the Bulls

This also totally doesn't read clearly, as there's no need for the Sixers to be involved at all unless the protection on the Kings pick was lowered. But I suppose the point is more that both the Sixers and Kings couldn't agree on compensation. I'd hope it wasn't because the Bulls wouldn't throw in a second-rounder.