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Bulls vs. Sixers game preview, lineups, injury report

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[Thanks to deepdishhoops for the season's final game preview. Another successful season on that front. I truly appreciate everyone who signed up and delivered all year. It was not easy to come up with stories for each game, heh. -yfbb]

Finally, the least viewed BaB post since the season began: the Game Preview for the final matchup of this miserable season. There's really little to say or even to look forward to with this game. There's no final hurrah for Pau Gasol, who will be wearing a tailored suit in his last Chicago Bulls appearance. Not to channel Derrick but, who knows who will play? Who cares? It could really be the final Bulls game for several members of this forgettable squad, from Bairstow to Moore, Brooks to Snell. Nothing to see here folks, move along.

Truly, as much as we all wish this would just go gently into that good night, the death rattle of the 2015-2016 Chicago Bulls is loud and clear. Bulls' news has been relegated to media leaks aboutdivision in the locker room and resentment towards a meddling front office, everything except basketball. Though a lot of this has elicited a resounding "meh" from a fan base used to this underwhelming franchise, it is a little surprising how this Bulls team has become the front and center NBA Failure this season. People are taking notice and I'm sure we will all be looking back at this season as one where the franchise took a massive step backwards.

In the meantime, a collection of athletes will be performing a contractually obligated pick-up game at the United Center this evening. I tell you, there is really zero upside to this game. The high water mark for expectations tonight is that the Bulls win a meaningless game with expendable players and nobody important gets injured. I suppose one could look towards the possibility of slightly increasing some lottery odds with a loss tonight but everybody knows that a draft pick in the 12-14 range isn't going to alter the trajectory of this team.

The true irony in tonight's game is that one can really sit back and debate as the Bulls play the league-worst 10-71 Sixers and really not be able to conclude who is in a worse position. Clearly, the Sixers have been a laughing stock for long enough to balance out any HOF contributions from Allen Iversonbut they've at least upgraded their front office with individuals associated with winning at an NBA level. The reality is, If Embiid actually is an NBA player and not just an irregularly tall person, they may be able to develop and flip assets into a competitive team in a year or two. And deep down, for Chicago fans, our really secret short-term plan is to keep getting worse so Forman finally is exposed enough to get axed. You know it. I know it.

So hey, if you've made it this far and still plan on watching this game, I commend you. I'll be there too, listening to Neil Funk rip on Nerlens Noel for something. Also, this is Elton Brand's final game. It's been a long and productive career for the Chicago Bulls' first overall pick from 1999, though I never thought he really recovered from that achilles injury during his final year with the Clippers. Lastly, local product Robert Covington returns home to play in front of family and friends. At least we'll know he'll have a reason to show up. Seriously, he has been one of the lone bright spots on the Sixers roster this year, a true D-league success story. There is nothing else to say. Let's get through this game injury free and then collectively relegate the Bulls to offseason status so we can start occupying our free time more productively.