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Bulls vs. Pelicans final score: Bulls win first meaningless game in years

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Matt Bush-USA TODAY Sports

Jimmy Butler led with 23 points and 11 assists in what I can only assume was a defense-optional game in New Orleans with the Bulls prevailing 121-116.

As what will happen in a game of this margin, a lot of Bulls had good looking boxscores. I encourage you to check it out, it's full of all sorts of interesting nuggets, like: future cornerstones Justin Holiday and Cristiano Felicio both shot 6-8. The Bulls shot over 43% on threes but none came from Doug McDermott. Kendrick Perkins played sixteen and a half minutes, oh man. That old goon got dunked on.

As for the win itself, it only technically hurt their offseason effort in that it put them a half-game 'behind' Washington and Houston (who both also won tonight) in the Tankathon. The Bulls have another extremely winnable game left, at home against the Sixers, an opponent so bad to the point even if they 'try' to lose, they probably can't.

The truly important thing is nobody got hurt, and Butler 'only' played 29 minutes. That included the final stretch.

I'm sure whoever watched it really appreciated the effort.