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The shutdown begins: Gasol, Rose to sit out final 2 games of the season

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Jimmy Butler is still playing, for reasons unclear.

Rob Carr/Getty Images

It's true, there's a game tonight. Instead of being 90% meaningless like the few we've seen lately, it's truly totally pointless now.

So the Bulls are doing the sensible thing and avoiding future injury, for the most part.

The update from shootaround:

  • Derrick Rose is sitting the final 2 games
  • Pau Gasol is sitting the final 2 games, needs an MRI on his knee
  • Taj Gibson (rib) and E'Twaun Moore (hamsring) will remain out for the rest of the season
Jimmy Butler is playing though. And taking a shot?

And hopefully not for the last time, we have #DerrickRoseSaysStuff

Wait for it...

Ah...that's the good stuff, right there.