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Celtics Made Bid for Jimmy Butler at trade deadline, should Bulls have taken offer?

Danny Ainge was looking to make "an immediate impact" on his club

Mark L. Baer-USA TODAY Sports

Steve Bulpett of the Boston Herald:

It’s been said Chicago’s Jimmy Butler would be a good fit here, and multiple sources told us the Celts made a strong move for the 6-foot-7 wing.

According to one source who was linked to a player involved in the potential transaction, the Celtics were willing to give up two first-round draft picks this year, the unprotected pick from the Nets and Dallas’ choice, which is protected if in the top seven.

There are differing reports on what players were offered, requested and denied, and how far the talks actually got, but the bottom line is there was no fit for the Celtics and Bulls at this time.

Bulpett goes on to say that the Celtics were looking for a "difference maker" type of player, with Ainge knocking on quite a few doors. Bulpett mentions that Paul George was also a target of Ainge.

From the other side, this from KC Johnson:

A source said the Celtics offered future picks and current reserves and discussion ended quickly.

As of today, the Celtics sit in 3rd place in the Eastern conference and own a total of 9 picks in the upcoming draft. So this could've been Ainge really honestly looking to make a splash of a deal in order to fast-track their ascent and/or it was him simply kicking the tires in various places, seeing who would be willing to bite.

From the Bulls perspective, it is widely accepted that Butler is in his prime years. Would/should GarPax have been willing to move him for THIS deal? I wouldn't have. However, that is not to say that Butler can't be moved if the right deal came along.