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Tony still Snells, and it may be the last we see of him this season

a hopeful farewell to Snell as a Bull

Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

If not for that improbable home win against the Wizards last week, the Bulls would be alone in 10th place in the east. Remember that game? It was Tony Snell's sixteenth 'breakout game' of his career, always marked when Stacey King would let us know that confidence just had to carry over. Snell had 16 points on 6-11 shooting in 34 minutes.

Since then? In 89 and a half minutes, he's scored 9 points on 3-19 shooting.

Snell even had an off-the-court incident on the Florida trip:

Tony Snell missed the team flight from Miami to Orlando and was fined, sources said. Snell who is known as a hard worker and good teammate, spent time postgame in Miami talking with his agent and missed the set time for the bus departure to the airport.

Snell flew commercially to Orlando on Wednesday morning and arrived well in advance of a team film session and meeting.

Indeed, by all appearances, Snell works hard and tries on the court. But he has limited basketball skill and needed strength to compensate for it.

Justin Holiday, who was brought in at the trade deadline by accident, seems interchangeable with Snell in that they're both extremely slight and play the wing. It's not like Holiday's done much either in his brief tenure as a Bull, but looks to at least be more athletic (had a nice alley-oop retrieval...that was slammed as a wedgie into the rim) and, I don't know, demonstrative (which doesn't matter, but is a difference).

It looks like Hoiberg has already slotted Holiday ahead of Snell in the rotation, and E'Twaun Moore and Doug McDermott already had before. Mike Dunleavy is back and playing fine, so with Jimmy Butler hopefully returning this weekend it looks like Snell will be officially out of the rotation. And the Bulls will be better for it. Or not, because Snell is still crushing everyone in Net Rating, but...let's just hope that's a fluke.