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Bulls vs. Hawks game preview, injury report, lineups

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Jennifer Stewart-USA TODAY Sports

[thanks Mike! We had a really good team meeting for the game previews and aired some stuff out, and you all should show renewed motivation and SIGN UP for the rest of the year -yfbb]

The Bulls host the Atlanta Hawks tonight at the United Center. So far they're 0-3 against the Hawks this year, and coming after 3 straight losses to sub-.500 teams, it's hard to see how the Bulls will win against the super-.500 Hawks.

Atlanta is 8-2 over their last 10, and seem to be tuning up for the playoffs. Basketball Reference tells me they have a clean injury report aside from Tiago Splitter, who's out for the year, and Paul Milsap, who got busted in the head the other night, and is questionable tonight.

The game is on NBATV, so... yeah. Enjoy! Have fun! My attitude is, you know, I hope I'm not quitting on you all, but I feel like when I did a walk through of this Preview, it was really locked in. I mean, I really practiced and prepared diligently, and I think it shows in that I correctly identified our opponent, noted that they may or may not be missing a couple of guys, and noted that the game is viewable on TV to those of us who shell out for more than basic cable.

I mean, really, it's obvious that I put some thought into this and didn't just sign up because nobody else had. Plus I really worked, and didn't just write out an absolutely minimal amount of boilerplate game preview "stuff", in about two minutes? I think I deserve a real pat on the back.

Oh... Go Bulls!