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The Bulls have a Jimmy Butler minutes problem, always

Jimmy doesn't look right. Should he be 'risking it for the biscuit'?

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Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

[3/25 UPDATE: Butler plays 39 minutes in a back-to-back, says after the game he may need surgery]

Old pal Stephen 'HungarianJordan' Noh at The Athletic:

Jimmy Butler is being run into the ground, and somebody needs to stop it.

If the Bulls were blaming Tom Thibodeau's minutes for last year's injuries, then they should take a firm look in the mirror at what they're doing this year.


Hoiberg played Butler 35 minutes in a blowout loss to the New York Knicks on Wednesday night (another tactic that was supposed to change from the Thibodeau era).

As Noh notes, Butler is over 33 mpg since returning from injury that was incurred because he came back too early from the last injury.

Jimmy has maintained (in #HumbleLeader style) that nothing is wrong with him physically. over his recent slumping play. But he's lying.

Let's hope this isn't prescient...