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Bulls vs. Magic final score: Another anemic effort as Bulls lose again

Jimmy Butler may be back soon, at least?

Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

Due to a DVR snafu, I missed the first quarter and a half of this game. By the time I tuned in, the Bulls had already given up 50 points and were down 15. (you wouldn't know it, as Neil was busy shitting on Aaron Gordon) It was pretty much that margin for much of the rest of the game, with the final score a 102-89 defeat.

With no Taj Gibson (on top of the rest who've been out a while), the Bulls suffered the indignity of starting Cam Bairstow (he did not start the second half), and having to go a long time with a single big on the court. And it meant that big was either Pau Gasol or Bobby Portis, two pretty awful defenders.

The Magic didn't have the blistering shooting performance of the Heat the night before (they, like the Bulls, played the night before), but dominated in getting to the line and the glass. The Magic had twice as many free-throws attempts, and though they didn't do so great on the offensive glass (just over 15% of offensive rebound chances), they corralled 91% of the defensive rebounds, giving the Bulls little chance for easy baskets.

Derrick Rose had another good first half, going for 16 points on 7/9 shooting and 4 assists. But he missed all 5 shots in the 3rd quarter, as the Bulls had an anemic 17 points in the period.

Orlando was continuing to find that they could get shots quite easily, this one out of a timeout.

That was rookie Mario Hezonja, who had his career high of 21 points. They knew to use him and attack McDermott when possible. Doug tried to get him back...


Orlando cooled off a bit in the latter half of that period, but the Bulls couldn't make much of a dent and never really threatened all game. The 4th quarter started with a turnover for the Bulls, and after Skiles angrily put back in his starters after a couple bad possessions the Magic pulled away for good, but again it was never really in doubt.

Orlando got to 100 points with 5 minutes to go, shortly after Aaron Brooks blatantly quit on the game by getting a couple technicals. After that point, Fred Hoiberg called timeout and he too gave up, putting in Bairstow and Felicio and having Tony Snell at point guard.