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Doug McDermott gets it done again (and other Bulls/Nets takeaways)

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The Bulls rebounded with a win over the Nets even though they played a mediocre third quarter, as it was followed up by a great fourth quarter led by Doug McDermott.

Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

After coming out totally flat against the Wizards, the Bulls bounced back with a win over the Nets, 118-102. Chicago exploded with a great first half then proceeded to have a terrible third quarter and a good fourth quarter to close out the Nets.

By scoring 118 points, the offense was the biggest part of the win. The Bulls seemed to do everything right on the offensive end as they shot 48.9 percent from the field and shot 45.8 percent from deep. Granted it was against a Brooklyn team who's the worst defense in the NBA stats wise when it comes to field goal percentage, but this was still a major improvement from the bad performance against Washington. They also beat Brooklyn on the glass by a total of 56-42.

Once again, Chicago was led by Doug McDermott, who's found himself on a hot streak in the past couple of games. McBuckets led the Bulls in scoring as he put in 25 points on 50 percent shooting from the field as well as hitting five threes in the process. The Nets couldn't seem to handle him as they just kept chasing after him all around the court, and they especially couldn't handle him in the fourth when he scored 10 points.

He exploded with a performance at the beginning of the week against Toronto, had a solid game against Washington and now this game against the Nets. He is as confident as ever as he is coming off screen after screen and just can't stop knocking down shots. Fred Hoiberg is showing some confidence in McDermott and he is rewarding him right now with this hot streak. We obviously have to see more consistency from McDermott, but still, he has had a great week and can't seem to miss right now:

The NCAA Tournament is back and maybe Doug is feeling nostalgic about his days back at Creighton and is showing us what he was like when he was playing for the Bluejays. Let's hope he can keep this up as the Bulls need all the help they can get.

Two other takeaways

2. Good night for the Bulls' big men

With Pau Gasol still out and Taj Gibson playing hobbled, Hoiberg relied on the duo of Cristiano Felicio and Bobby Portis and they delivered some solid performances. Both brought energy to the court and helped Chicago with the advantage on the glass. As mentioned, the Bulls beat the Nets 56-42 in terms of rebounds with Portis grabbing 14 (eight offensive) and Felicio grabbing 10. Portis wound up with a double-double as he scored 12 points to go along with the 14 rebounds:

3. The injury bug just loves the Bulls

The injury bug struck again for Chicago because it just loves them. There is no other explanation at this point.

The Bulls lost E'Twaun Moore to a hamstring injury to add to the list of hobbled/injured players on the team. The extent of Moore's injury is unknown, and these types of injuries can be tricky. It's a hamstring injury and it can go away and suddenly reappear a few games after. So we'll see what happens.