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Bulls decide not to show up in D.C. (and other Bulls/Wizards takeaways)

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It was another bad night for the Bulls' defense and someone got injured. So essentially just another regular night for the Bulls.

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

The Bulls do realize that this was an important game, right? They do realize that Washington is right behind them in the standings for the eight spot and that this game actually meant something in terms of the playoff race?

Seems like they didn't as the Bulls came out with zero energy and were crushed by the Wizards 117-96 in what was an important game in the playoff race. Really Chicago...really?

The biggest thing to point out out of all the things Chicago did wrong was the defense once again. The Wizards got whatever shot they wanted and it seemed like Chicago didn't even care. Washington couldn't miss and completely ran away with this game. The Wizards shot 48.9 percent from the field and shot a fantastic percentage of 61.9 percent from three-point land.

The Bulls were also out rebounded 57-49 on the night and also displayed some really bad transition defense (25 fast break points for Washington). The Bulls weren't hustling back and weren't showing a single sign of energy on the court. It was basically like they didn't want to be there.

The star player for Washington was John Wall, who outplayed Derrick Rose in this matchup of explosive point guards. Wall recorded a triple-double (amazingly the first against the Bulls this season) as he scored 29 points, grabbed 10 rebounds and had 12 assists as well. He also did this on 57.9 percent shooting (11-19) from the field.

Compare that to Derrick Rose who scored 16 points but on 36.8 percent shooting and add the fact that he couldn't seem to guard Wall at all. Wall was just too quick for Rose on the night, and he also used his size to his advantage in this one.

Overall it was a bad effort by the Bulls as they made the Wizards look like the second coming of Steph Curry and the Golden State Warriors.

Two other takeaways

2. Doug McDermott was the only bright spot

It's a stretch, but the only positive you could take away from was the offensive play from Doug McDermott. He again scored 20+ points as he scored 20 points on 60 percent shooting (6-10) and hit three triples as well. He also didn't commit any turnovers on the night:

Coming off that huge night against Toronto, you would expect McDermott to cool down somewhat, but he started hot yet again only to go through a major dry spell throughout the middle of the game before finishing strong in garbage time. Still, he's getting more and more confident each game offensively. Look towards the future Bulls fans. That's the only thing we have going for us right now. The future.

3. The injury bug hits again

The infamous injury bug hit the Bulls again when Taj Gibson exited the game in the first half due to a hamstring injury and was replaced by Bobby Portis in the starting lineup to begin the second half. With Pau Gasol also out with his knee and Cameron Bairstow's bad back, the Bulls' frontcourt is very weak at the moment. Portis, Nikola Mirotic and Cristiano Felicio are the only available big men for the Bulls, so expect the frontcourt defense to be abysmal for a couple of games and then go back to being just bad again.

Fred Hoiberg is going to have to get very creative with some of these lineups right now as it looks like Gasol or Gibson won't be available against the Nets in the UC.