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Fred Hoiberg gets his first technical, the new nasty Bulls!

Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

It's true, Fred Hoiberg got a technical foul last night!

I went to the Sam Smith gamer figuring he'd have the most quotes on this (he puts in every post-game quote, it seems), and not only that but there was a lot about how technicals are stupid and mean nothing outside of 'acting stupid at work'. Probably some merit, there, but instead I thought maybe it'd be worth it for the Bulls to trade for DeMarcus Cousins just to get Sam to retire out of protest.

Pau Gasol was in the 'meh' category concerning Fred's technical, FYI.

But here's Taj Gibson.

I love it. I'm used to a guy last year screaming all the time. I've got a lot of respect for Fred. He is a good coach. He jumped in at the right time. I thought I got hit; it's a part of the game, got to play tough. When you are trying to make the playoffs, when you are fighting for your life, things are going to happen. I felt the energy, felt we had a good chance to win that game.

(I admit I only sorta-watched this game, but wasn't the technical actually an indicator the game was over? I guess it just shows how Taj is just endearingly super-positive.)

And Derrick Rose:

It shows the players you are out there fighting for them; you’re involved, and you need that from the coaches. You need to know someone has your back, especially the coach.

I do wonder if Rose, who leads the team in Techs with 5, would rather have a coach go after the officials more when he gets hit on drives.

SportingCharts has up-to-date team technical and flagrant fouls information. The Bulls are pretty low on both, and somehow have not a single flagrant foul on the season. However they're NOT the most polite team in the league.