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Chicago Bulls face tough road game against the San Antonio Spurs in primetime

This will be a very hard game for the Bulls to play, and it may be even harder to watch.

Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

After their disastrous trip down to Florida last week, the Chicago Bulls were able to reel off two straight home wins against the Houston Rockets and the Milwaukee Bucks. The Rockets and Bucks aren't the best teams in the NBA but right now for Chicago a win is a win.

The win over Milwaukee was most impressive considering the Bulls were able to win a game without Jimmy Butler, something they haven't done a lot of. They played well on offense and the key guys just kept chugging along. It won't get any easier in their next game against the San Antonio Spurs.

It has been another Spurs like year for Gregg Popovich's team as they have a record of 54-10, second only to the Golden State Warriors. Thanks to the stellar play of Kawhi Leonard, who may be the most underrated player in the NBA, Pop has had another year of resting the likes of Tim Duncan and Tony Parker for the playoffs. They also added to their depth recently as they picked up Andre Miller and Kevin Martin, two players who can put in solid minutes for the Spurs and could be crucial come playoff time. Both were solid additions for San Antonio. Martin especially as he will add more shooting and as the Warriors have shown, you can never have too much shooting.

The Spurs didn't have Pop or their Big 3 against the Timberwolves but that didn't matter as they won 116-91. Now they will come home and face the Bulls in the AT&T Center, where they are 30-0. Like Golden State, the Spurs are extremely dominant at home and the Bulls could be the team to break the streak. But that will be a big challenge. This will be the Spurs 3rd game in 4 nights this week.

The Bulls have played better, but they still have a lot of issues. Defense, rebounding, you name it. Missing Butler didn't hurt them against the Bucks, but good luck to the Bulls defense in this one.

One thing to watch for could be the matchup of Pau Gasol vs LaMarcus Aldridge. Gasol has been on fire on the offensive end and will test Aldridge's ability to guard outside of the paint, something that is not his strong suit. Plus we get to be reminded of the fact that the Bulls traded him away years ago in the NBA draft, fun memories.

In all honestly, this game will be a tough one and is possibly going to be a blowout. But if the Bulls surprise us with somehow pulling off a win in San Antonio, it's cause for celebration.