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Bulls vs. Heat final score: Defense eviscerated again in record-setting defeat

Bulls scored over 110! But, they gave up 129.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

This is pretty much all that's required:

Now, both teams were hot in the first half, as the Bulls allowed over 62% then but were still close with a 65-62 score. With Chris Bosh out, Miami starts Amare Stoudemire as their lone true big and bring Hassan Whiteside off the bench, so the Bulls were able to pound the Heat (especially old pal Luol Deng) inside with post-up scoring and kick-outs.

But though both Pau Gasol and Taj Gibson were in double-digits in the first half, the Heat playing small more than made up the difference on their offensive end.

Everything was working for them, usually getting off easy dribble penetration: Either they could get right to the rim with little Bulls shotblocking, or let Gasol backpedal and hit a mid-range jumper, or kick out for an open three-point shooter. Miami had 22 points in the first six minutes, a 36 point first quarter, eclipsed the 100 mark with a little over two minutes into the fourth, and finished with 129. At one point during the telecast (I un-muted at times, it's true), Stacey King said "the guards need to defend like there isn't going to be any help, because there isn't." The Bulls allowed 74 points in the paint.

Miami is not a good offense, coming into the game a 26th in the league. Undoubtedly they'll be helped by the signing of Joe Johnson (a post-buyout acquisition, the type the Bulls can't be bothered with), and Johnson was near his peak form tonight. Johnson had 11 of his 24 points in the third quarter, which was the Bulls worst period and saw Miami take a 16 point lead. Johnson finished the game going 2-3 from three, and his addition means the Heat actually have a reliable three-point shooter for once which is a big change for their offense. Deng was 3-3 from behind the arc to finish with 20.

The fourth was pretty fairly dominated by Whiteside, who led all scorers with 26, adding 14 rebounds and 4 blocks. The Doug McDermott flip-shots that went in during the first half were now being sent back, and the Heat just ran pick-and-roll with Whiteside anytime they wanted, usually opting for a lob so he'd dunk on a couple Bulls heads.

The Bulls deficit got to 19 early in the 4th, and it looked like Derrick Rose wasn't going to re-enter the game, but a brief spasm of competence from Aaron Brooks and Justin Holiday (Tony Snell was ritually sacrificed after his 3rd quarter on Johnson) made it competitive again with 4 minutes to go. Miami quickly put the pedal back down though: Rose was back out in a little over two minutes, and the Heat had the lead back over 21 before the game was over.

Returning after a three-game absence, Rose had a very good first half offensively (thought he was torched on D, to be honest), going 4-6 for 12 points as he got inside and attacked Whiteside successfully. The 2nd half only saw him get 5 more points, and he finished with a little over 24 minutes as he's on a clear minutes restriction. More bad news on the injury front in this game, as Rose's hamstring disease is apparently communicable and now Taj Gibson has it. In a short list of positives for the Bulls, Bobby Portis had some nice hustle plays and offensive moves, going 5-8 from the field with 4 steals.

But the main story was the defense just getting obliterated. It seemed the only time the Bulls even made a stop was when Dwyane Wade as flopping for fouls, or he (or another Heat player) would get themselves caught with too many open options and made the wrong play. They finished with 15 turnovers, so just imagine how bad things would've gotten if they didn't slop it up once in a while tonight.

The Bulls finish the back-to-back tomorrow in Orlando.