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Mike Dunleavy made his season debut, and did Mike Dunleavy stuff

Threes and dunks! Dun-V-P!

Caylor Arnold-USA TODAY Sports

Well it appears nobody in the BaB mansion watched last night's game. Which was good because apparently it was another debacle.  But not so good as we missed the return of the Bulls most valuable player and trade season acquisition, Mike Dunleavy Jr.

Here are your Dunleavy highlights from fifteen minutes in his first game of the season following back surgery:

So, hooray. Honestly it makes a big difference that he's back considering the alternatives, options made worse by Jimmy Butler being out for an indeterminate period of time.

After the game, he had a pretty interesting assessment of what he's coming back to. "This team - we talked about it a little bit - we have to have a bigger team ego. To the point where it's like, 'Look, man, we go into games like we're winning this game. And down the stretch, we're going to handle business.'

"There's like this doubt that seems to be creeping in. We're too good for that. We have good players. We're well-coached. We have to execute better. But more importantly, we have to have that feeling like we're going to get this done."

He also had jokes, which is about all we can hope for in the near-term: