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Jimmy and Rose Can Be Even Better Together, and E'Twaun Moore Showed How

There were a few sets ran last night against the Kings that could be awesome with Derrick and Jimmy. Will Hoiberg come to this conclusion and get both Rose and Butler to do it?

Neville E. Guard-USA TODAY Sports

Last night, Rose and Moore combined for 45 points, 13 assists, 11 rebounds. That's a nice game from your starting backcourt. What I liked about it is that for the most part, it wasn't the "my turn, your turn" style of running the show we've seen most of the year. It seemed as if Derrick was the player running things, but E'Twaun was also very actively involved. I saw a few sets that I haven't seen much with Butler and Rose that might work even better with Butler in Moore's place.

Here is a set I liked from the first quarter.

Do yourself a favor and pause the video right after Hoiberg's face disappears. Rose is in the middle of the floor, Moore is being freed by two downscreens from Snell and Taj. Gasol is on the opposite block. If you pause as Rose's pass is in the air, Gasol is already on his way to set a screen for Moore. I love this action. By freeing Moore off of screens first, it gives Gasol a chance to set the screen a bit closer to the basket than he would without giving Moore that space. It also meens Marco had to go through two screens, then position himself to defend the PnR immediately. Taj and Snell clear to the weakside block and corner respectively. Gasol misses on the screen actually and Moore didn't make much of a move to the hoop, but the ball is immediately swung to Derrick. Derrick immediately gets a screen from Taj. That screen is set just above the elbow and Derrick is able to get going downhill quickly. I don't think Taj rolled quite quickly enough here, but Marco overhelps leaving Moore wide open for the jumper.

I will say this, that play was not run particularly well at all. Gasol missed on the screen on Marco. Moore didn't really attack. Taj needed to roll harder. However, there was lots to like. If Gasol's screen is better (and Moore can catch inside the three point line instead of outside, Moore could potentially create by attacking the basket. Having Derrick as the natural pitch option and then immediately setting the screen for him is awesome. I really like the kick to Derrick and immediate pick and roll because Rose is able to pick up a nice head of steam. Again, this play was not run particularly well, but I liked it all the same.

They ran the same play again the very next time down. Taj's screen is better. Marco doesn't help off of Moore this time, which leaves Rose isolated on Cousins. Rose's version of the Dream Shake follows. Love that move.

Full disclosure, this play turns out to be a trainwreck. However, I loved seeing the baseline cut by Moore. I honestly think that both Rose and Moore botch this. Pause the video right after Rose gets by the screen. Gay is WAY overhelping. There is nowhere for Rose to go. Moore needed to backcut right then. Rose could have tried a pocket bounce pass or a lob (which would work better if you replace Moore with Jimmy). Since Moore doesn't cut right away, Rose probes a bit, then Moore backcuts late. The pass almost gets in there, but Rose should have realized he had Pau in the corner. That's another place this play works better with Jimmy. If Rose swings it to the corner for Gasol and Jimmy is in there, he can post up after the back cut and he should have much better post position than he usually gets on those iso posts. Late reaction by Moore, poor decision by Rose, but I like the idea. Run Rose in a pick and roll toward Moore in the corner. If his man overhelps, backcut. If he doesn't, Rose gets to go 1 on 1 with a big. The pitch to Pau for a corner three, or the pith to Pau and then into the post after the backcut could work too.

Those were two plays that stuck out to me. There needs to be a better way to get Rose and Butler involved in ways that cater to their strengths without simply taking turns running the offense.