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King & Funk Out-Rating the National Broadcast Teams

Regional Comcast telecasts putting up solid numbers

Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

It appears that so-far during the season, overall viewership is up 7% compared to last season. However, it should be noted that several of the regional Comcast telecasts are out-rating their national counterparts (ESPN) when it comes to game broadcasts. Broadcasting & Cable has the numbers:

Overall, out of the 15 times the Comcast RSNs went head-to-head with a national ESPN telecast prior to the Feb. 14 All-Star Game, CSN out-rated ESPN in those markets 14 times in total viewers, 12 times among adults 25-54 and 9 times among viewers 18-49, according to Nielsen data.

Speaking of CSN-Chicago specifically:

In Chicago, CSN Chicago has out-delivered the ESPN telecast of Bulls games by 34% in households and by 31% in adults 25-54.

As much as we give grief to Stacey King and Neil Funk, it does appear they have an edge with the viewers. Perhaps this is due to familiarity? Perhaps Stacey King's catchphrases are ingrained into the viewer's brains? Whatever the case, I'm sure CSN views this as a great thing.

But maybe not so much for those here who #LoveItMute.