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Derrick Rose sits out again with hamstring soreness

Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

Somewhat predictable, right? Derrick Rose has a couple very good games heading out of the All-Star Break, though any analysis of improvement was always couched with fear it won't sustain.

And it didn't! Rose was a late scratch Wednesday night against Washington with hamstring tendinitis.

Rose said before the game that the move to sit was precautionary and that he didn't "want to take any risk." The right hamstring has given him trouble off and on throughout the season.

"A little bit [Tuesday] after we practiced, while we were practicing," Rose said of when the hamstring became an issue again. "Then this morning, that's when I really felt it."

Rose was out in front about it being his decision, so we didn't have the fiasco like last month when Hoiberg and the team scrambled to say it was a 'organizational' one this time.

So, I think most have been looking at Rose's play and wondering if he can be trusted. That's fair, because you clearly can't. This is not even a back-to-back situation, he had a long layoff before the Cleveland game, which was then 3 games in 4 nights. He couldn't recover after another off day. That sucks!

Though devoid of back-to-backs, the playoffs have a pretty rigorous schedule. Will Rose start to try and push it? Nah.

Just trying not to risk all of it by just going out there and just playing crazy.


When you look at my situation, what I've been through, it's like the norm. My body's just got to get used to moving and the way I want it.

I would make a joke about there being plenty of time to rest when the Bulls miss the playoffs, but his backups went and won that game last night.

So Rose, at game 56 of the season, can't play a lot of minutes in a row without being winded, can't do heavy minutes in a game without developing leg soreness, has to sit out a game here and there, still. This is a lost season anyway, so I guess there's little consequence for Rose to use it as a training ground for his new normal.  I'm not sure the Bulls can trust that it's something worth investing in.