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Bulls Release New D-League Team Name, Logo

Wednesday morning the Chicago Bulls released the name and logo of their new D-League team.

Windy City Bulls

The Chicago Bulls took to Eisenhower Junior High in the Hoffman Estates Wednesday morning to announce the name and logo of the organizations new D-League team. Chicago's new affiliate, which will start competing at the start of the 2016-2017 season, and will be based out of the Hoffman Estates area, is named the Windy City Bulls. Below is the official release from the Twitter account:

And they also released an alternative logo as well:

So there you have it, the Windy City Bulls, the newest affiliate for the NBA's Developmental League. The logo is nice and original and the Windy City name is a touching honor to Chicago I suppose, although keeping the nickname as the Bulls may be a bit uncreative? I'm sure the front office had something to do with that, probably.

Can we send Tony Snell to the Windy City Bulls yet?