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NBA Trade Deadline: Bulls acquire Justin Holiday in Hinrich deal

so we did get a player. But why??

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

The deadline is never actually time-constrained, it seems. Thought I had the Bulls pegged for total nothingness but it turns out they got a player in their Kirk Hinrich salary dump.

So we can now even take out any possible benefit of a roster spot. It also lowers any savings the Bulls have this year (by roughly a million), to which we shouldn't care but it is pretty funny how the Bulls aren't even doing well at that part anymore.

What's really strange is Holiday is signed through next year, fully guaranteed, at a little over $1m.

Holiday is turning 27 in April, after going undrafted in 2011 he bounced around international ball and a cup of coffee with the Sixers before signing with the Warriors before the 14-15 season. He won a title there playing in 657 regular season minutes. The Warriors declined his qualifying offer that offseason where he then signed that deal with Atlanta.

The Hawks earlier in deadline day made a deal sending Shelvin Mack to the Jazz, and with the Jazz roster then maxed out they couldn't take on Holiday too. So this could've easily been the Bulls getting the 2nd rounder to take Holiday's contract rather than them actually wanting Holiday. Tough to see Holiday playing unless he beats out Tony Snell for minutes, and isn't that thrilling to consider.