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Chicago Bulls trade deadline recap: Kirk Hinrich punted for cash savings

seriously, that was it

Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

The good news is we can confirm GarPaxDorf has the lowest threshold of a pulse and made an NBA transaction.

This ends a streak of 584 days since the Bulls made a trade, longest in the league.

It does not end the streak of SEVEN YEARS where the Bulls haven't acquired a player of rotation-quality. It's just a salary dump (second round picks are useful for...well, more salary dumps. Not nothing though!). The Bulls stand to save around $3m in tax payments, though they're still over the luxury tax threshold. It does open a roster spot, and now that the deadline is over the buyout market begins. The Bulls can offer free agents the minimum salary. Or they keep going the other way and try and waive players to get under the tax line entirely? Not only would they save money but they'd get the payout from the tax-paying teams. And we know the Bulls are strapped for cash.

I'm honestly surprised that Hinrich was the one to go, given their affinity for him. Who will look after the house in the area? Plus the Bulls do need guard play on the nights Derrick Rose isn't playing. I personally am ok with it since I don't have to watch or read about Hinrich for another few months before he's re-signed this summer. But objectively this is a shitty deal.

There was a minor rumor earlier that had the Bulls acquiring Shabazz Napier from Orlando in exchange for Aaron Brooks. This deal obviously wouldn't do much, but though Napier is bad he's also young and signed through next season, whereas Brooks is neither (and also bad). Napier also made less than Brooks helping the Bulls salary/tax situation for this season. The deal was shot down a bit later by Vincent Goodwill of CSNChicago. Brooks, by virtue of the Bulls having early-Bird rights on him this offseason, had the ability to reject any trade, but it wasn't clear if that's what happened or if simply the Bulls and Magic couldn't come to terms.

There was also the big rumor of Gasol going to the Kings. That seemed to reach its apex earlier in the morning and since then only dwindled in likelihood.

It wasn't the most active trade deadline, but some other teams in the league either made moves for the postseason or got some assets. For us, it was a yearly reminder that the Bulls, and Gar Paxdorf, are pathetic.