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NBA Trade Rumors: Chicago Bulls 'shopping' Pau Gasol, but how aggressively?

dueling rumor-mongers!

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Hey, now we're cooking with gas(ol)!

Adrian Wojnarowski has the Bulls now ' aggressively shopping' Pau Gasol. This is a change from the usual, as the Bulls don't 'aggressively' do anything, outside of trashing people leaving the organization I suppose.

And sure enough, here came ESPN's Brian Windhorst with the cold bucket:

Bulls have taken some calls on Pau Gasol but aren't actively shopping him, sources told ESPN

Vincent Goodwill of CSNChicago has similar sourced info to Windhorst, FYI.

(interesting to remember that Windhorst was the one who set Bulls internet ablaze last week saying the Bulls were looking to re-sign Pau)

KC Johnson followed it up by reiterating that the Bulls are looking for a first-round pick and a rotation player for Gasol, and have the same asking price for Taj Gibson. That nugget makes the rumor surrounding Taj and Toronto make a lot more sense.

(there's also the bit in there that Tony Snell isn't generating much interest, ha)

No word yet on teams interested in Pau. Before coming up with your own bad trade ideas, read mine!