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Analyzing Derrick Rose's Bank Shot

Has Derrick Rose mastered the art of the bank shot?

Kamil Krzaczynski-USA TODAY Sports

If you've watched ANY Bulls game this season, you most likely have witnessed Derrick Rose shoot what appears to be his go-to shot: the bank shot.

The bank shot has become a staple in Rose's game this season. It's possible this was out of necessity, as Rose complained of suffering from depth-perception issues when shooting, due to a broken orbital bone suffered in training camp. Rose said:

The depth perception of the rim, my eyes are thrown off. I'm finding ways around it...I'm missing a lot of shots I normally hit — floaters and layups...

Once Rose started utilizing the bank shot, he quickly became enamored with it:

"It’s an easy shot," Rose said of utilizing the glass. "They’re giving me that shot. I think I shoot off the glass pretty good, and any opportunity I get, I’m going to continue to shoot off glass."

It has been widely noticed by several other writers of the frequency of Rose using the bank shot. However, the people over at Vantage Sports takes an in-depth look at his usage of it.

Rose ranks first on the season in total point scored with jumpers made off the glass, having scored 54 points total on those shots. No one else has scored over 30 points, and tied for second are DeMar DeRozan and Gordon Hayward with 26 points each...

Rose has really become awesome at using it. Besides Tim Duncan, I really can't think of anyone else who utilizes the bank shot with such frequency. If it helps him make more shots, then we should be all for it.

Also, who can forget...Rose's most famous buzzer-beater...yep, it was a bank shot.