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NBA Trade Deadline recap: To understand trades, follow the money.

plus some trade ideas

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[bumping this up from the fanposts for another day of trades (watching) -yfbb]

Folks should note that the trades that happened yesterday were pretty straightforward.

* Tobias Harris is a player that was at a logjam position for the Magic, who were going nowhere. Big contract. In exchange, they got two ok at best players (Jennings and Illysova on an expiring contract. That is, expiring contracts basically get you a 23 year old pretty good forward. Mostly a financial transaction.

* When Marc Gasol went down, it made sense for the Griz to get something for an impending FA. So they traded Courtney Lee and filler for a fill-in center (Chris Andersen) and get a couple picks and PJ Hairston. Basically an expiring that they new they weren't going to pay for whatever they could get.

* The Heat swing into that deal to drop their LT bill, especially now that Chris Bosh's blood clotting is killing their second season in a row. Wouldn't be surprised to see a bigger teardown here too.

For the Bulls... expect them to drop players to get under the tax. If I'm them, I'd pursue the following sorts of deals:

1. Rose (and Felicio filler) to Kings for Rudy Gay and Ben McLemore. Puts Bulls under LT. Kings screwy enough to do it. Actually turns Rose into two potentially useful players. If McDermott would seal the deal include him as well. But I doubt it's necessary.

2. Mike Dunleavy and Kirk Hinrich (And Bairstow filler) to OKC for DJ Augustin, Mitch McGary, Steve Novak (Filler) and a future 1st. Guys like Payne and Adams are probably off the table at this point, but these guys would be huge in the veteran leadership department for a team that wants to win. They can afford to give up McGary who doesn't play. Getting some value out of these two guys would be a huge win going forward. McGary is a highly skilled guy who could be a fit if given the chance.

Also this cock-blocks Detroit from getting DJ back as their backup PG. They supposedly want them, and if we want to make the playoffs, we should consider that as a bad thing.

3. McDermott for Delon Wright and Tony Bennett. The Raptors could use shooting and maybe they don't know how bad he sucks. Wright is another guy who's got talent but is buried on a deep team.

Best case, Bulls come out with

1- DJ, Wright, Brooks

2- Butler, McLemore, Moore

3- Gay, Snell

4-Taj, McGary, (Niko)

5- Gasol, Portis, (Noah)