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Bulls have pitched Raptors on a Taj Gibson-for-Patrick Patterson swap, per report


Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

ESPN's Zach Lowe just dropped his weekly Tuesday column, and this one is filled with trade deadline tidbits. There were a few blurbs about the Bulls, and while Lowe said there's "never been more noise about the normally dormant Bulls," he doesn't really offer much in terms of possible rumors.

There was one thing, though, and that's that the Bulls have supposedly pitched the Raptors on a Taj Gibson-for-Patrick Patterson swap. Patterson is 26 and has a year left on his contract, just like Taj, but he's making a little more than $2 million less this year and nearly $3 million less next year.

So the idea seems to be that Patterson would give the Bulls another youngish stretch 4 for Fred Hoiberg while also trimming a bit of luxury tax bill. On the other hand, Patterson is having a down season by his individual standards, and this swap would weaken the Bulls' defense/rim protection.

It doesn't seem like this deal will happen, as Lowe also notes that the Raptors love Patterson, but it's something to chew on. And you'd hope if it did somehow happen, the Bulls would also be getting something else back in return (would assume a pick so as not to add more salary.)