Bulls' Nepotism in a Flowchart

With the Chicago Bulls, it's not what you know, but who you know:

bulls_nepotism2.0.pngAlthough Krause left the team in 2003, his legacy remains with our baffling connection to Iowa and New Mexico. Connect the dots and you can see how Krause's mantra of Organizations winning Championships remains.

The reality is that the Bulls win in spite of the organization. The more that the organization has meddled with the team, the worse the team has become.

My hope is that this opens the eyes of some Bulls' fans. The Bulls do not care about winning. Arguably the greatest team in NBA history was dismantled before they had a chance to defend their 3x title.

The winningest coach in NBA history (Phil Jackson) and sixth winningest (Tom Thibodeau) were both replaced by Iowa State coaches with no pro coaching experience.

Jerry just that last year said: 'I don't care if you win 82 games. This is your last year.' Jerry Reinsdorf, however, asked me to come back and coach. I told Jerry (Reinsdorf) that I felt our relationship had deteriorated such that for me to come back would be too difficult for Jerry Krause because he was looking forward to rebuilding again."

-Phil Jackson

The toxic culture was at least partially responsible for the greatest player of all time walking away from basketball. When he was to return from his hiatus, it was not with the Chicago Bulls, but... the Washington Wizards.

So how did Krause do with that rebuilding plan anyway? Well, the Bulls replaced the coach with the best record in NBA history (Phil Jackson, NBA Record High .704 Win Pct) with the absolute worst record in NBA history (Tim Floyd, NBA Record Low .205 Win Pct).

And how are GarPax doing with that hypothesis that the head coach was the problem last year? Do you sense a pattern here?

These personnel hirings suggest that the Bulls are primarily concerned with hiring people they like over those that are competent. They blatantly infuse politics into the one arena in life (sports) that is meant to be a meritocracy.

There have been outcries from fans to get GarPax fired and have Reinsdorf sell the team. Without spreading this kind of information, it will never happen.

Please pass this flowchart on to anyone you know who is a Bulls fan. Get the information out there and have fans educate themselves against this incompetent Bulls Front Office.

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