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Bulls vs. Mavericks open game thread

Niko starts for resting D-Wade.

David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

With Dwyane Wade getting the night off after torching his pal, Nikola Mirotic gets the start at small forward, which is always an adventure. Although I guess everything's an adventure with Niko at this point.

In injury news, Doug McDermott won't be playing tonight, but he's making progress and has been cleared for contact. Sounds like we should expect him back next week. The Bulls need him badly.

For the Mavericks, Dirk Nowitzki and J.J. Barea continue to be sidelined, and the lesser Curry will join them on the pine due to a sprained knee. Devin Harris is also limited as he comes off an injury of his own.

Dallas is absolutely horrible, so hopefully the Bulls don't have a letdown after the emotional win over the Cavaliers last night. Maybe we'll get a Rondo Revenge Game. Comment!