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Bulls waive RJ Hunter

Bulls have an op

NBA: Boston Celtics-Media Day
the only ‘hunter’ pictures with the Bulls are for Lindsey
David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

News breaking this morning:

Hunter was the last man on the Bulls roster, a former first-round pick of the Celtics who was waived late in training camp before being picked up by the Bulls. When the signing was made it figured as a good low-risk move as Hunter was technically a first-round talent who maybe didn’t get a shot in Boston simply because they had so many recent draftees.

But here, Hunter didn’t get much of a chance either. He played 9 minutes of garbage time for Chicago on the big club, and another 5 full games with the D-League team.

Hunter had a contract guarantee on 1/10 which is undoubtedly a factor. The Bulls now have an open roster spot.