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Give the Bulls credit, at least they didn’t have a team meeting like the Pistons

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NBA: Detroit Pistons at Chicago Bulls Caylor Arnold-USA TODAY Sports

Things were looking grim after the Bulls put up 69 points in a game vs. Milwaukee over the weekend. Fred Hoiberg was talking about his team needing to have the best practice of the season. But things weren’t that dire-sounding in the locker room, at least with Jimmy Butler.

“That’s all hype, man,’’ the Bulls two-time All-Star said, when asked about a closed-door meeting with his teammates. “We know what we’re capable of doing, we know what we need to do. You don’t need to sit in a circle and hold each other’s hands and talk about all that. We don’t talk that much on the floor, and that’s where the problems begin. We need to be vocal. We don’t need to sit in a circle and pat each other on the back.’’

Meanwhile, the Pistons had just gotten blown out in back-to-back games as well, and their locker room did get serious. Serious enough to have that team meeting.

What did the Bulls do? Maybe not their best practice, but a long and productive one.


(both vids coming from CSN In the Loop)

...thank god the Bulls won....this might almost be seen as corny...

And that players-only meeting for the Pistons...we all saw the good it did them.

“Team meeting, my ass,” Van Gundy said. “That stuff means nothing. It’s what you do on the court. Talking’s easy. I have nothing to say. It was a disgusting performance by everyone, including myself. It was unprofessional, embarrassing, humiliating, whatever you want to say. It was terrible.”

Sorry Stan.