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Bulls vs. Nets Halloween game preview


NBA: Brooklyn Nets-Media Day Nicole Sweet-USA TODAY Sports

[Thanks THEKILLERWHALE for today’s game preview. Reminder there’s sign-up spots available for future games -yfbb]

Greetings … It is Halloween night and that can only mean one thing … theKILLERwhale's yearly PHANTOM preview.

The Chicago BOO-ls will play the Brooklyn BATS in what should be a BLOOD-curdling matchup of erstwhile Eastern Conference enemies. While the Brooklyn BATS are the walking DEAD, a one time competitive roster reduced to a SHADOW of their former glory, it is the BOO-ls who are the true ZOMBIES, reanimating the CORPSES of Dywane DEAD and Rajon RONDO in order to keep their playoff NIGHTMARES alive … or dead.

The Bulls have assembled a Frankenstein's MONSTER type of roster, with STRANGE body parts cobbled together in an ill-fitting whole. They have, surprisingly, started the season strong, defeating the Pacers in a veritable BLOODBATH, R.I.P-ping off a SCARE of victories to start the season. Led by a hot shooting DEAD and timely contributions from Doug MURDERmott, nEEKola Mirotic and Michael Carter-WEREWOLF.

There may be KINSLAYING with GOBLIN NOOOOOOOOOOOOpez and SPOOK NOOOOOOOOpez squaring off at the center position for the first time this season. There MUMMY will be SCARED to DEATH at this prosepct. That said, SPOOK is a gametime decision as he may be injured … or DEAD.

The BATS feature a lineup with SCARE-emy Lin, Trevor BOOker, Justin HARMilton, Bojan BLOODanovic and Rondae MAWL-is Jefferson. While they have done well to improve a depleted roster, they do not stand a GHOST of a chance.

Game time is 7:30 ET at Brooklyn, broadcast locally on CSNChicago.