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Where the Chicago Bulls rate in ‘watchability’

According to the Annual NBA League Pass Rankings, the Bulls won’t be the best choice to spend $120

NBA: Preseason-Chicago Bulls at Indiana Pacers Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

We are less than 20 days till the season starts and its almost time for die hard NBA fans to get NBA League Pass. If you aren’t familiar with NBA League Pass, it allows you to stream any non-local or non-national televised games for $199.99 for the whole season. Or you can stream one team for $119.99. For Bulls fans that don’t live in Illinois, this is essential. For those of us that just love the NBA, it’s a must.

Every year, ESPN’s Zach Lowe releases his annual League Pass Rankings. The article is basically where he ranks every team by how watchable they would be if you had NBA League Pass. The way he ranks the team is based on five factors: Playoffs/Zeitgeist, Individual Highlight Production, Style, League Pass Minutia, and Unintentional Comedy.

While many consider the Bulls to be an exciting team to watch considering the group of players they have assembled this offseason, Lowe doesn’t exactly agree. Chicago ranked 21st, right above Central Division rivals the Indiana Pacers. Lowe’s criticism about Chicago is very fair and highlights a big concern for this year :

The names are bright, but the downside is unsightly: three non-shooters over-dribbling amid a forest of defenders, in search of any workable shot.

Even though Dwyane Wade has been shooting well from deep this preseason, the chances of that continuing in the regular season is very slim. The lack of spacing is a large problem facing the Bulls and so far the remedy has been the shooting of Wade. But they need another solution if they want to be more consistent on offense.

There is some bright spots on the Bulls however and Lowe highlights that as well.

The frontcourt is filled with exciting players who boost the comedy score. Nikola Mirotic and his sweaty beard are good for at least three ridiculous, infuriating pump fakes every game. Bobby Portis is going to be good. Fred Hoiberg has been starting Taj Gibson early in preseason, but Mirotic deserves first crack at that power forward spot; you can't roll out lineups featuring zero guys who shoot 3s. Don't sleep on Portis as a candidate to snag that spot for a stretch.

He also talks about the intrigue of Cristiano Felicio, who has played well in the minutes Hoiberg has given him so far.

In terms of National TV watchability, there are arguments on both sides to why you should or shouldn’t watch the Bulls. They could be great or an absolute train wreck. Either way, Bulls fans are in for a long season.