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The Bulls offense has been been less horrible and more Hoiball

John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

Kelly Scaletta over at Today's FastBreak has an in-depth look at the Bulls offensive improvement since Jimmy Butler took over coaching duties, er, worked together with coach Fred Hoiberg after a season-low point. Technically that first game was a bad home loss against Brooklyn, but in that game they scored 100 points and have every game since.

Their shooting has been up across the board, and both primary and secondary assists have been as well (Hoiberg noted a lack of 'ball sticking' as a particular improvement). Interestingly enough their scoring distribution in terms of areas of the court has been fairly consistent, they're just shooting far better on 'contested' looks. Instead of figuring it's luck, Scaletta suggests it's a product of the offense.

So why are they doing so much better in the efficient areas against contested shots? Typically, it's because they're not really contested. It means there's a defender near the shooter, but not well-positioned to make a defensive play. And usually, when that happens, it's a play around the rim. And as you can tell by the nearly eight percent improvement reflected in the shot chart there, that appears to be the case here. That suggests the Bulls are getting better looks at the rim, and the film certainly sustains that.

He then goes into a lot of fun examples, that are against the horrific Milwaukee Bucks defense but still cool to see. Derrick Rose is finishing better at the rim, and some of that may be just because the offense is providing more space for him to get there.