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Bulls Looking to Remain Quiet on Trade Market

The Organization is already trying to quell ideas that there will be a trade made, using Dunleavy's return as justification.

Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

The Bulls are already leaking information to prepare fans for the inevitable: No trade is coming this season.

It's not for lack of opportunity. As some of us guessed, there are offers in what is looking more and more like a seller's market. Vincent Goodwill wrote for CSN Chicago:

"Some of the moves other teams have approached the Bulls with has been with the thought of tearing the team down as opposed to remaining competitive in the interim, a thought the front office bristles at."

I know yfbb doesn't like told ya so's but I'm just gonna leave this here...

Ladies and Gentlemen, Nostradamus Bill YFBB.

Hoiberg also gained marks in interdepartmental communication, reiterating to reporters that the most likely outcome for the Bulls is to do nothing:

This matches the previous report that the team was looking to resign Gasol rather than trade him. It looks like the Bulls are happy with the group they've got.

In brighter news, KC Johnson reported that Dunleavy is very close to being back on the team:

Dunleavy will practice twice with the Warriors' Development League affiliate in Santa Cruz, Calif., this week. If those workouts continue without incident, it's possible Dunleavy plays on this trip.

Even if he is not the player he was last year, his return will be such a godsend for this team. KC also noted that Dun will be under a minutes restriction when he returns.