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Jimmy Butler says he and Derrick Rose are "on the same page" now

Jimmy Butler and Derrick Rose met one-on-one, getting on “the same page,’’ as Butler admitted.

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

In some pretty revealing quotes from Butler obtained on Wednesday, it sounds like he and Rose are on the "same page", as he put it. Butler says they sat down for a "long conversation", mainly because they want each other to be successful.

"It would definitely put an end to all that speculation of our relationship, yeah,’’ Butler said. "I don’t even know why there would be anything into that now. Me and him are great.

"We had a long conversation [Wednesday night]. That’s the type of guys that we now are. Just checking in, wanting each other to be successful. Making sure we’re both healthy. Because as a backcourt, it’s important that we’re both doing OK and on the same page.’’

It has been long-known that Rose trains in the summers with Russell Westbrook (and Kevin Love at times). Jimmy also has his own summer training program, which has been well documented, especially the last two summers. However, Jimmy now says he would like to work out with Rose:

My trainers are a part of my family now, so we’re always together. But I definitely think it’s a good idea. Me and him, work out together.’’

Butler even said that he would bring his workout regimen to Rose, rather than drag Rose to some remote place that Butler likes to train in.

"Yeah, I’d be willing to do that,’’ Butler said. "Just get around each other, get even more comfortable with each other, because I think we’re going to be here together playing for a long time, so I think it’s a great idea, yes.’’

A lot of people never bought into the Rose/Butler "beef" stories that surfaced last season. This just further shows that both guys really do want to succeed with the other, and most likely coming to terms with the fact that they NEED each other.

This is definitely good to hear.