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Bulls injury update: Rose back, likely more small-ball on the road trip

Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

The Bulls start a 7-game road trip in LA (and actually stay there through Sunday, good for Derrick Rose's adopted hometown!) with no Nikola Mirotic.

The good news is that both Derrick Rose and E'Twaun Moore will be active tonight. Obviously Rose is sorely needed, but even Moore is a pretty key addition as they're going to need to resort to some small-ball, putting Moore on the wing and moving everyone else up a notch:

Coach Fred Hoiberg said the Bulls may use smaller lineups featuring Doug McDermott and Jimmy Butler as reserve power forwards after Mirotic's injury piled on top of Joakim Noah's.

That's something expected but still scary. Doug McDermott at least doesn't have to move as much defensively when in the frontcourt, but there's obviously not going to be much shot-altering at the rim and a pretty big hit on the glass. That said, at least in tonight's matchup there isn't much size coming off the Lakers' bench? Or the Clippers for that matter.

No matter the position, there are going to be a lot of minutes for both McDermott and Snell to play. They've been bad so far, so this is not one of those 'secretly is it actually good?' news situations.