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Long Two-Pointers are Killing the Bulls Offense, Especially In Crunch Time

Last night's 4th quarter shot selection was a microcosm of the season

Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

The 4th quarter of last night's game illustrated one of the biggest weaknesses of the Bulls' offense: They are way too reliant on jump shots and long 2's in particular:

Here's the play by play of the entire 4th quarter. Bolded are the jumpers/turnovers:

  • Brooks missed 3
  • Brooks missed 5 foot shot
  • Portis made putback
  • Mirotic made 3
  • Mirotic missed layup
  • Butler missed 20 footer
  • McDermott TO
  • Brooks missed 3
  • Butler missed 15 footer
  • Gibson TO
  • Gasol missed 12 footer
  • McDermott missed 19 footer
  • McDermott layup
  • Gasol made 7 foot jumper
  • Brooks made 11 foot jumper
  • Butler fouled on jumper (made 2/2 FTs)
  • Taj non shooting foul, bonus FTs (made 1/2)
  • Brooks missed 3
  • Gasol made putback
  • Snell missed 3
  • Brooks missed 3
  • Gasol made 13 foot jumper
  • Gasol missed 11 foot jumper
  • Gasol TO
  • Brooks missed 3
The number of jump shots was staggering, as you can see. 15/20 shots were jumpers, with only 4 layups in there and a 5 foot runner by Brooks.

What's worse is that the Bulls got into the bonus pretty early in the quarter, with 4 minutes left in the game. They shot 2 free throws thereafter.

The Bulls let Miami off the hook. The Bulls were allergic to the rim, refusing to try to draw contact for easy free throws or get high percentage shots close to the basket.

Instead, we repeatedly saw drawn out isos that resulted in jumpers. Even the shots the Bulls made, like some of those Gasol jumpers late-game, were very very difficult shots.

This is nothing new; the Bulls are 5th in percentage of points that come from midrange and are 28th in percentage of moreyball shots (3's, free throws, layups). Not only is this offense terribly inefficient, but it's unwatchable because of how boring it is.

Forget personnel or win/loss for a second; Hoiberg has to get this team to play more like his ISU teams as the season progresses for this team to be watchable for the next 5 years.