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Derrick Rose exits Heat game with another leg injury

Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Derrick Rose did not play in the 2nd half of the Bulls home loss against Miami on Monday night. He exited shortly after this drive and finish, after which he displayed a grimace.

To be clear, Derrick Rose grimaces all the time, but then you could see this bit below and know it wasn't going to be a smooth night.

Rose was ruled out during halftime with a right hamstring and back injury. After the game, Hoiberg said that while Rose was fine during the day, he did experience some soreness pre-game.

Rose had missed 3 games earlier in the season with hamstring issues, and though his performance has improved since Christmas, it's coincided with not being able to play too many games consecutively. This latest malady is under 2 weeks since he exited that game in Milwaukee, and more recently was taken out of a first quarter due to being winded.

In the short-term it's especially rough because the Bulls are also currently without two backup guards in Kirk Hinrich and E'Twaun Moore as they head out west. But it's also more than that, an inability to trust that Rose can sustain a long period of success.