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The 50 worst moments in the first 50 years of the Chicago Bulls

A tribute to half a century of big egos, bad draft picks, blown knees, and the agony of defeat

Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

The Chicago Bulls franchise have been doing a pretty solid job this season at promoting and celebrating their 50th year in existence. They made a pretty cool historical site for this as well.

In the same mindset, but in a slightly different lane, Jake Malooley over at Chicago Reader lists his 50 worst Bulls moments over the first 50 years.

Things range from pretty light-hearted moments ("The Bulls' sad inaugural parade"), to the more depressing moments ("Dick Motta, Jerry Sloan, and Benny the Bull are ejected from a playoff game"), to pure terrible ("The drafting of Dalibor Bargarić"), to the dark, dark horrible moments ("Derrick Rose tears his ACL").

Please give this list a look. It lists some things that I never even knew ("Losing Magic Johnson on a coin flip") and gives a fairly nice historical look at the Bulls from the not-so-happy days.

This article is actually pretty perfect for's everything Chicago Bulls, but oh so depressing!