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Recap: Rose and Butler combine for 55, still lose to Celtics

Rose and Butler's combined 55 not enough to push past Boston.

Mark L. Baer-USA TODAY Sports

Playing from behind for a majority of the night, the Bulls gave little resistance to the Boston Celtics in their 110-101 loss. Aside from Derrick Rose, Jimmy Butler and Bobby Portis the rest of the team looked either completely broken or completely useless.  Rough night for many a Bull.

Doug McDermott and Tony Snell combined for two points in nearly 40 minutes of action. Nikola Mirotic missed multiple bunnies and fumbled a beautifully threaded pass by Rose during a crucial point in the game where the Bulls made their final push. And Pau Gasol? Forget about it. That 18 and 11 pales in comparison to his -26 -- by far the worst on the team -- and countless defensive lapses. I honestly don't know that I've watched a worse two-game stretch of basketball than Pau against Golden State the other night and Boston tonight.

In the context of just this one game, it's undeniable that the complexion of the Bulls changed dramatically when Portis played and Gasol sat. With Portis, the team ran and appeared full of life. With Pau, well, it was basically the opposite.

Rose and Butler's counterparts -- Avery Bradley and Isaiah Thomas -- were simply superb. Bradley and Thomas finished with 21 and 22, respectively. But that's light work compared to Rose's 27 and Butler's 28. Put another way: Rose and Butler scored 55 while the rest of the team put up 46.

That's actually what's potentially the scariest part of tonight's loss. The Bulls have Rose playing really, really well right now, and Jimmy's just going to Jimmy regardless at this point. They have both these guys clicking and carrying this damn team, and it's still not enough. It just feels like letting simultaneous good Jimmy and good Derrick games get away is a very bad sign.

But hey, what better time to have your next game be one of the more highly anticipated NBA games of the past five years, right? That's right, the Bulls get the Cavaliers in front of a national audience on ABC on a Saturday night, no less. Safe to say, that's gonna be an interesting one.